From Damiano, a fellow urbanist: “The EKA research team, now SPIN Unit , was involved in the Helsinki-Tallinn transportation and planning scenario between 2011 and 2012. Our role consisted of studying all the major infrastructure projects planned in Tallinn and Helsinki by putting them in relation with each other and learn which ones had to be planned together. To do that we have created a database containing also policies, actors and researches to help planners and decision makers, understanding when some projects were overlaying (here a demo of the Decision Support System ). During almost 2 years of research we spoke at the tranp. and plan. focus group meetings, we presented our work at all the conferences organised by EUREGIO, we have participated to over join 10 meetings - all at the presence of city officials from both cities - eventually we have also organised a discussion with plan. and transp. officials from Tallinn and Helsinki to let them talk to each other about infr. projects using the decision support system. After the meeting we produced a report to agree on these project which eventually was included as official document for the Helsinki metropolitan planning vision. One of our main concerns was that the Ulemiste junction, the tram from the harbour to the airport, the freight terminal the Rail Baltica they all had to be considered and planned as the same thing. Not only that, but it was clear that these projects were fundamental for the development of the finnish industry as well and so these projects had to be envisioned together with the city of Helsinki. The research project started when it was already too late to stop the construction of the junction, but please, don’t say “we didn’t know it”. I can’t believe that you came deaf to all our meetings and that nobody have been readying our reports. Or maybe that’s exactly the case.”