sure, we should do studies, and get more data, and have a full view of the …ah, there goes my dad, who is 74 with heart condition… data. we should also make sure that the we really only shut down the areas of the economy that are actually …ah, now my mom’s dead, cause she has worse chances than the new born with its mum who is 24 and also needs a respirator in a hospital with 15 places…affected by the pandemie. after all, we shouldn’t sacrifice the economy on the altar of public health …and now my grandmum is also dead, along with the 20 others in the nursery home where they still had ‘social visits’ to keep up the spirits.

you know what? who cares. some people (loose couple of scientists/doctors, a handful who have come out in the last couple of days, in a profession of what, maybe 10.000, 15.000 professionals, that just do the actual work?) just think they have eaten it with spoons, the wisdom of how to run a massively complex society of tens of millions of people.

but sure, i’m happy that they come out now and speak up, and ask the “really important questions, that yeah, actually, it makes so much sense when you think about it”. truly. it’s a right to spread your opinion, and i cherish that, really. it also helps me to figure out who i don’t care about when i need to focus on keeping my babies healthy, hope the best for my pensioner parents, and watch the images of stashed away coffins with actual dead people.