First of all, make sure you have swap on (see previous post)

The Ubuntu droplet needed those packages libdb++-dev libssl-dev libboost1.48-all-dev libgmp-dev

the versioning is sometimes tricky, depending on distribution version and a lot of others. I was successfully using 1.46 of the Boost package before, so you might want to try different ones. The distro standard you get with libboost-all-dev

assuming root here

Get the source from github

git clone


cd ~/primecoin/src
make -f makefile.unix

This is how i execute the miner. As you can see, i use nohup and & to daemonize and prevent signals when closing the shell. all output goes to primeminer_stdout for possible later reference. if you want to keep all output, consider using >> in order to append to the end of the file.

this is one line, replace $ to your liking

nohup ./primeminer
-genproclimit=$procs > primeminer_stdout &

More details here